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If you are a prospective organ donor, thank you for excercising the Spirit of Humanity. Your rewards are priceless.

The desire and joy of giving are burning in your heart. You want to give the gift of life but do not know how to go about it. Here at SHF we provide that 100% FREE platform, free to you and the patient to meet, chat and exchange a matching priceless gift that will keep giving.

PLEASE access the membership area. Register and enter your contact information, blood type, type of organ you plan to donate, and wellness details. To find and match you with a patient, please enter a brief description of yourself and the name of the organ in the DESCRIPTION field. Your responses will be stored in SHF's secure database. These actions are needed to match you to a recipient, and to conduct a quick matching report.

Matching donors and recipients is a 100% free philanthropic service. No membership fees for either donor or recipient. This is a work of love and charity put into action. We receive funding from public donations and grants.


Please join us in building the Spirit of Humanity Foundation, the Spirit of Divine Love that Sustains us all




Spirit of Humanity Foundation
Attention: Donation
4303 Lake Lavon Ct
Richmond, TX 77406, USA

CONTACT: 713-510-4264

We are able to do what we do best by your loving donations. As a Donor or Patient NOTE that no DONATION is required. This service is for you, your membership is 100% free. It is against US Law to exchange money for an organ. Organ donation is from the heart and must remain free.

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